Don’t be manipulated

I was discussing with someone guys about facial hair on women. One of them said it was disgusting to to see a woman with facial hair or hair at all. The second guy said he can break up with a girl just cause of a small moustache.

Then I went deeper and asked why do they hate on something you can’t control. It’s her DNA, you can’t actually remove it from her. This is where one of the yelled, they would force they girlfriends or wives to shave.

They main focus on this is that, some men love to control their partners so much. May result to violence when their partners don’t obey them.

Been someone’s wife or girlfriend, doesn’t mean you have all the rights over her. She is an individual, a person not a material or property.

Some men cross the line for too long that women got used to it. They were oppressed for years been told their voices doesn’t matter. When a man speaks up he is assertive but when a woman speaks out she is argumentive or just rude.

Remember women, you are an individual and you have rights too. Don’t be manipulated to think otherwise. Stand up for yourself and don’t let anyone step over you.

Never forget there is a fine Line between love and manipulation.

Find the man who will love you just the way you are.

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