NaPoWriMo 2018, #Day 16; Tell Them Who You Are.

Tell Them Who You Are

Self love is an endless journey

where each day is a lesson,

to find different ways to

appreciate yourself

and do things in order

to uplift yourself.


The world might not love

who you are, they will try

to create a version of

who they think you are,

don’t give in to their request,

be yourself and show them

who you are and

who you want to be.


Some will tell you,

you are not good enough,

stand up to them and tell them


you are perfect the way you are.


If they don’t love the real you,

they don’t deserve to be with you,

you are special, you are unique,

love yourself, be confident

this will build your self-esteem.


Copyright Β© 2018

Tracy Jane- All rights reserved.


I wanted to write this poetry because, i have seen some many people especially so called friends try to change you. They want you to be the version that they think you look better in. First cut them off and start your journey to self love.

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