NaPoWriMo 2018, #Day 25: Note To Self

Note To Self

When you find love,

Warning: don’t give up easily,

give it a try and see where it goes.


When you feel fear,

warning: don’t let it take over your thoughts

and cloud your judgement,

don’t let it convince you

that you are not good enough,

been yourself is more than enough.


When you are angry,

take a long walk to clear your mind,

and calm down,

warning: don’t revenge no matter what,

be the bigger person and walk away.


When you are depressed

warning:don’t eat out your stress,

take a deep breathe

and know it’s just a mood

that will pass away,

handle your issues

and don’t run away from them.


When you feel lonely,

warning: don’t let it consume you,

know that you can overcome it,

for it is just an illusion,

created in your mind..


CopyrightsΒ  2018,

Tracy Jane – All rights reserved..

Featured image courtesy: Google

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