NaPoWriMo 2018; # Day 1

Prompt write a poem based on a secret shame or a secret pleasure

You Are My Fave

I can take you anywhere,

Anytime of the day,

From the corner of my kitchen,

To the secret closet in my room.

Your sensational taste in my mouth,

And the passionate caresses you give my throat,

Are the things that fill my thoughts,

You are my secret pleasure,

That fills me with desire.

You drive me crazy,

You drive me insane

But i have myself to blame,

For your sweetness i can’t refrain,

That’s leaves me, a bit ashamed.

I love our secret meetings,

During the wee hours of the night,

For you are the one thing that i crave,

My butter cookies, you are my fave.

Copyright © 2018

Tracy Jane -All rights reserved.

I hope you enjoyed this piece, haha. Its about my butter cookies that i take in secret when no one is watching.

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