Your beauty is unique

The world constantly defines beauty,

But mostly it’s related to your physical feature,

Making other shapes &sizes not to be featured,

Since they only adore a specific figure,

Why can’t we all love each other in our diverse nature.

flower 4

You don’t have to stave yourself to lower your body fat,

This will only stress you up,

Eventually you will fall apart,

Trying to figure out what made you crack,

Accept yourself, you are beautiful the way you are.


Don’t listen to anyone that call you ugly,

To be honest, am sure they haven’t matured fully,

Because they don’t know, the true definition of beauty,

That goes beyond the physical body,

For beauty is the reflection of your personality.


Yes, you are beautiful, yes your are beautiful,

Even though the rest of the world denies it,

I can clearly see it through my eyes,

Your beauty is definitely special,

Not because of the makeup all over your facial,

But because your kindness, that makes everyone grateful.


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