NaPoWriMo 2018, #Day 18; Break Free.

Break Free

Letting go    will set you free,

from     the worries that fills

your mind to    the brim,

making      your life look dim

break the chains and     be free.


Don’t   imprison yourself,

by letting fear of    uncertainty,

hold you back    from living,

nothing in this world is     certain,

that’s why     you control your life,

you are the only   captain.


You can’t control everything

that happens, but you can

control how you interpret it,

focus     on the positive,

rather than   the negative.


Letting go,     may not

be   easy, but holding

on to it, is     more painful

it’s a    lifetime of self torture,

this is no way to live,

take a chance and BREAK FREE.


Copyright ©2018

Tracy Jane  – All rights reserved

Don’t let your worries prevent you from living your life… You have only one life to live, choose wisely on how you want to live it…..


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