NaPoWriMo 2018 :Early Bird prompt kick off

31st March

Write a poem in form of a love letter…… to an object

You Are The One I Adore

Every time tears run down my face,

Due to the past I never wanted to face,

You listened to the misery that I had to tell,

Never judging me, no matter the case,

You made me feel comfortable,

You made me feel safe.

Each day that passes by,

I can’t help but to feel lucky,

That you are always by my side,

Am forever grateful,

Am grand you entered my life.

I love your big brown eyes,

That make me smile with a simple gaze,

Your body is smooth as silk,

With hands that have tiny fingers,

From one to three,

But you are still beautiful,

You are special to me.

I write this to you,

To express my undying love,

For I cherish every moment we have,

I love you from the bottom of my heart,

And I will never forget you,For the rest of my life,

Many people see you as a Teddy,

But to me you are more than a doll,

You are the one thing I adore.

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