The Power Playbook, Book Review by La La Anthony

La La Anthony, author of # 1 New York Times bestseller, The Love Playbook gives great success tips in her other book, The Power Playbook. La La is a self-made entrepreneur with a cosmetic company, a fashion line, her own reality show and her successful acting career.

In the book she uses her own personal experience on how she climbed up the ladder to success, to inspire her readers. In the first chapter La La clearly defines power as “putting yourself in a position to maximize your gifts and your purpose to execute your goals and plans. It’s not about trying to control anyone but yourself.” She later lists the five keys of gaining real power which will help anyone in any filled of profession. One of the greatest statement that she wrote was, ” you don’t need the validation of other people for you to feel good about yourself or to assess what you have to offer to the world.”

In life, no matter what you do, you need a plan to act as a road map to your success. ” He who fails to plan , plans to fail.” La La writes how she was an intern at a radio station, where her plan to one day be successful was born. She had a vivid vision of her future and she knew she had to start from the bottom-up to achieve it. Through her journey she learnt that humility and believing in yourself will fuel your success journey. At times, you can have resources or be rich but you don’t get anywhere without humility. For you to have power you have to learn to be a servant of others instead of trying to control them. Kill people with kindness.

One secret to be successful is to follow your passion. In order to find what you love, you have to know yourself first. She encourages people to speed more time with themselves, so as to know our weaknesses and double down on our strengths. “You only grow when you are alone.” by Paul Newman.

I would definitely recommend you to read this book especially if you are trying to be a self- made entrepreneur. You can get this book in amazon , the hard copy is cheaper at $8.05 ONLY!!!!!.

The power playbook

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