NaPoWriMo 2018, #Day 24; My Golden Elegy

My Golden Elegy

Lets get out of this town,

away from the city and the crowds,

to find a place to call our own,

our safe heaven where we will never be alone,

we can build our lives together

and take care of our own.


This was just a dream,

that will never happen,

since you were killed,

i still hate them, to this very day,

for they took you away,

without even a say.


Recalling the time we spent together,

Keeps a smile on my face,

your memories keeps me sane,

the gifts you gave me,

will always be treasured,

for the love we had and pleasure,

will forever be remembered.


CopyrightΒ  Β 2018,

Tracy Jane – All rights reserved.


Featured image courtesy: Google

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