NaPoWriMo 2018 #Day 8: The mysterious ball

Today’s prompt; Write a poem in which mysterious and magical things occur..

The Mysterious ball

At first i couldn’t see clearly,

The images were a little blurry,

Flarrabugrah!!!!! I said,

Then i started to see the images fully,

Everything was now crystal clear.

From a distance i could see my house,

My neighbors talking about me in crowds,

Their facts were truly false,

I wanted to teach them a lesson up close,

Blagrabugrah!!!!!!! i said,

Their cows turned into rats,

I couldn’t help but laugh.


They didn’t know what was the cause,

for they could not hear nor see me,

I was having fun and i wanted more,

Zcragrabugrah!!!!!!! I said,

The rats turned back to their cows,

I love playing with my crystal ball,

i make mysterious things happen without a fail.

Copyright © 2018

Tracy Jane – All rights reserved.

This takes me back when i was young and i truly loved magic..Harry potter was my favourite, i was Harmonie in my own world, hahaha… Shout out to everyone that loves Harry Potter…💕

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