No Hypocrites allowed!!!!.


Hypocrites, hypocrites , they are all in our circle of friends. They laugh, eat and drink with us, pretending they are happy for us but deeply they ain’t. To me, a categorize them as the most dangerous species next to poisonous creatures like snakes. You don’t believe me , take a moment and look at the friends you dropped and the reason behind your decision. Am sure 80% of the reason is that they betrayed your trust or broke your boundaries. Basically most of the time you spend with them, they put up this facade mask that you can’t really see.

I group them as poisonous species because they fed on your failures and that’s very dangerous. They are never happy when you accomplish your dreams and always have a negative vibe. On top of this, when you are at your lowest point, they won’t support you and they will be the first to talk behind your back to others. They gossip about you, giving out all your secrets and at times they will come back to you smiling, like they did nothing wrong.


The best medicine for this people is to ignore them and not to associate with them at all. Before you do this first confront them and ask ,why they broke your trust. If they don’t apologize and have a good long track record of change after your talk, they ain’t worthy to be in your life. I remember a few years ago, i decided to go for my goal and get a leadership position in my campus. Been excited and all, i told my friend, who i knew for at least two years. Lets call my friend x. Most of the time, X was a liar, engaging in white lies which were harmless at the beginning but grew as the years past. When i was vying for this leadership position, X started spreading bad rumors about me at school. People could come to me and tell me what X said and how this creature had a new mission to make sure i didn’t get the position. At first i was shocked, i mean X would laugh, eat and drink with me, yet he went behind my back talking trash at me. I confronted him, but of course X denied everything. I wanted to snap this specie so bad but i didn’t want to step to his low life level. Immediately, i cut off our ties and ignored him completely. I didn’t want to see or even talk to X, he was a snake in a human suit. I eventually got the position( I won) but this made me revisit my list of friends and dropped more than half of them. It was a wake up call and i took it seriously.

One thing i learnt, is how to identify this kind of dangerous species. First, they love gossip , they will run to you to talking about how so and so did something. They basically, put they noses when they shouldn’t be, i call this monkey business. Ask yourself this, if they gossip to you about other people, why wouldn’t they gossip about you to others?. Second, they are never happy when you succeed: getting that promotion at your work or getting that boyfriend or girlfriend you always loved. Some will go to an extend to steal your partner or try to break you up because they are green with envy. Third, they are always negative, there is nothing positive which will come out of their months, ever.

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If you have such friends don’t associate with them or give them a second chance to be in your life again. They are leeches!!!!!!. PS: Don’t trust everyone, just have a few people in your inner circle, that you can trust.

3 thoughts on “No Hypocrites allowed!!!!.

  1. I absolutely agree! I was a victim many times but not anymore since I became wiser. Your statement is true ”if they gossip to you about other people, why wouldn’t they gossip about you to others?”
    Please visit my other posts about trusting and betrayal. I have conveyed my message through poems.

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