How to invest in yourself and why it’s crucial to your future.

How many books have you read so far? Which new skill have you learnt or you are trying to learn this year? Always take your time to build yourself by working on your goals, your future vision or your legacy. Investing in yourself means you care about your future. This are a few ways that successful people use. to invest in themselves:

  1. Use your time wisely. Don’t having the bad habit of misusing your free time by sitting on your sofa, watching House Of Cards the whole day. Do something creative with your time that builds your future. This will make you to be one step closer to your dream than you were yesterday.
  2. Build your knowledge by reading educational books. Let me be frank, i know its good to read romantic or thriller novels but why not read about how to build yourself in the current entrepreneurial world. You can also read books on your current profession and learn how to be better in what you do. Trust me when i say things you can find authors who can be your mentor and their books can motivate you to build yourself.
  3. Be more selfish and put yourself first. This might sound a bit harsh but in whatever you engage in, see how it benefits you. If what you do doesn’t get your closer to your goals, why waste your time by doing it. Why spare yourΒ  time for people who don’t want to invest in your future??. Some of you will never spend their time to support you, to motivate you. Check the last ten people you chatted with, did ask you how they can help you get closer to your goals. Am sure 80% of you will say no. This is my point, if something doesn’t get you closer to your goals don’t waste your time in it, Period!!!!
  4. Learn a new skill every year. This might seem impossible because you will say you don’t have the time to do it. You might say, you work for some many hours and you don’t have the time. Let me be frank with you, when will you stop giving excuses every time?? If you want something so bad, finding time to improve on it won’t be so hard.
  5. Find a mentor. We all know, we can’t know about everything ourselves we need people to teach us a few things that builds us. Go find a couch who will advice or guide you as you build your dream. Find someone who is in line with your passion and feed on their knowledge. As i mentioned earlier authors, can be your mentors. You can read their books and filled with experiences they have gone through. They will write about their mistakes and you can learn from them.
  6. Attend seminars and workshops. This will help you to gain new knowledge that can help you strategies. You can listen to talks on how to build your personal life or your entrepreneurial life. This can be a great chance to meet people you can network with to help you improve and sharpen your skills. As we say, iron shapes iron.
  7. Find ways to gain your financial freedom. At one point or the other we depend on others, such as bosses at work. But this should not be your long term goal in life. Why work to build someone’s future when you can build your own?? Try to find ways on how you can excite the rat race and invest in properties that will give you a great ROI (return on investment). It’s always a good feeling to know that, there is something that get you endless flow of money without much effort.
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Don’t waste time in things that don’t make you to be one step closer to achieve your goals. Always remember a goal without a strategic plan to achieve it is useless!!!!!!!!


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22 thoughts on “How to invest in yourself and why it’s crucial to your future.

  1. Very well written! Loved the points highlighting the importance of a mentor and the roi bit. Passive income is something we must all try to create, no matter how low it seems initially it always adds up in the long run..

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