NaPoWriMo 2018 # Day 11; My Foresight

My Foresightย 

I hope my future will be bright,

travelling around the world

with my own flights,

managing my own business on

the upper right,

and ensuring my family is alright,

This will be my future,

it is my foresight.


Apart from building myself,

i will build a strong foundation,

for the future generation,

where they will get inspiration,

to follow their dreams no matter

the adversities, and my struggles

will be their aspiration to give

back to the society, may their hearts

be filled with generosity.

Copyright c 2018

Tracy Jane – All rights reserved.


i hope your future will be bright. Don’t forget to the the younger generaction. Your experience in life will help them navigate their own future in the right way.


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