If you don’t love failure, you will never succeed!!!!

You may think that avoiding to fail will actually propel you to success. But that’s not the case in real life. If you don’t love failure, you will never succeed. Take a minute and think of all the people who have succeed in life, from scientist, mothers or even business men…They have failed, some have even failed more than have succeed. But the self discipline of continuously doing what they love, without giving up, made them successful.

Without self discipline you can achieve your goals or execute your plans. This goes hand in hand with patience. As you work in hunting for your goals, you will be discouraged, you will fail, people will not love to associate with you. Yes they will see your failures as an embarrassment to them. But it’s a good thing, through this process you get to learn a lot about yourself. You will learn about your weakness and your strength.

Basically, my point is, when you learn to love failing that’s when you will start succeeding. The next time you fail at school 🏫 , at a project in work 🏒 or in your relationship, smile cause you it’s a lesson you will get to learn from and next time you will know what to do and what not to do.

16 thoughts on “If you don’t love failure, you will never succeed!!!!

      1. Soul Therapist

        They have to understand that sometimes failure is the cave that holds success and until you pass through this cave, you won’t know the true essence of success.

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      2. Soul Therapist

        But how will they understand if we hide the truth from them.. We owe them the truth and am glad you wrote this up.. God bless

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