NaPoWriMo 2018, #Day 19; I Deserve Better.

I Deserve Better.

You told me i was

not good enough,

to you, i was just a big laugh,

i didn’t take it seriously,

i thought it was a bluff,

but i later realized, you

put me in cuffs,Β  with your deceit,

forcing me to discreet with our relationship.


You insulted me,

you made me feel worthless,

But now i know,

you are the one who

is worthΒ  less my time.


Your apologies have

now become useless,

for i now, know my worth,

I deserve better than you,

accepting you to ruin my life,

is my only regret.


Copyright Β© 2018,

Tracy Jane- All rights reserved.


You deserve better, you are a king/ you are a queen. Don’t be with someone that doesn’t appreciate you or sees you as a worthless human being. YOU ARE LOYALTY START ACTING LIKE IT!!!!!!!!

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