Every Mistake Is A Lesson Learned.

Image courtesy: Robert Kiyosaki

I love this powerful message.

“There’s is a hidden magic in every mistake. The Magic is called learning.”

Robert Kiyosaki.

Before I go deep explain about the quote.. Go read his books he is an amazing author especially the Rich Dad, Poor Dad is just out of this world.

Most people get frustrated and angry when they make mistakes… This is the place where you tell yourself how stupid or silly you are to have made the mistake. But what you don’t realize is that, if you didn’t make that mistake, you would never learn what to do and what not to do.

Small lessons in life can’t be taught in schools or at home. You have to go through them and make some mistakes. But this is experience will make you to be far ahead than the person who didn’t make the mistake.

Next time you make a mistake, smile ☺ and know it’s just another lesson you have learnt about life!!!!!!…

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