So much have been going on….

On Monday this week was my birthday. It was great, I totally loved but didn’t do so much. The following day unfortunately our country was attacked by terrorists and we lost great Kenyan people. This took us by surprise but we are still unbowed by this attack. We stand strong and united with the families of the victims.

But one thing all this has taught me, is to go for what you want, life is short. Also terrorists has no religion, they are just cowards and killers.

I have been trying to learn my first programming language by myself. It’s really not that simple. That’s what has kept me busy this month. I will be posting twice in a week or once. I really want to see if I can understand front end web development and maybe go full stack. It will take some time I know… Maybe the whole of this year, but by next year I was to launch my career in this industry.

Yes am trying to change my career path…. Scary because of uncertainty but that’s what makes me want it more.

I will leave here some quotes to take you through the week. Love you all… Kisses 😘

11 thoughts on “So much have been going on….

  1. jessierenea

    Happy Belated Birthday and I’m so sorry that you’re having to go through all of that! Praying for you and sending lots of strong positive vibes your way!
    Whenever you get the chance, I would love to connect with you here the lovely world of blogging! For a while, I ran a blog solely hosted by WordPress but recently I just went self hosted and started over! I would love you to be a part of my journey! Here’s my most recent post if you’re interested in reading !

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