Know Your Self Worth.

When you love yourself first, you will know you are worth much more. Don’t allow anyone or anything to have power over you. Don’t let him control you, instead work together to come to a conclusion. When you give him too much power over you, you will definitely lose yourself. You will start leaving according to his demand but not yours. You will lose the free will, which is your birth right as a human being.

Take your time and guard it because it is so precious. Don’t waste it on someone who takes you as someone worthless. Take control of your life and see how he was worth less than you thought.

If you love yourself, you will attract someone who will love you deeply. But if you don’t love yourself, you will find someone who will show you “how to love yourself”. I will expand on this later when i will be talking about toxic relations.. Watch out for that blog post during the week.

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