Be You and Do You.

🌼Self love is an endless journey as we go through life. Many are the times people won’t love you for who you are. Instead they will root for you to look like “a better version of you”. This is the part where they say, “you would look better if you had…….”.

This simply means, they don’t love the real you, they love the fantasy version of you. But if you don’t love yourself, you will do anything to be the person they want you to be. Be authentic, be you and do you.. Go do things that makes you love yourself , taking yourself shopping, going out on dates by yourself. My motto is ” pray, slay & work “.

When people say” you would look better if…….”, CUT THEM OFF!!. They ain’t God, who are they to say such things. Don’t associate with negative people, who make you like you are not good enough. Above all this, fall in love yourself and you will attract people who will love you for being you.

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