NaPoWriMo 2018 #Day 14; Find Love

Find Love

Love     is a beautiful thing,

that makes you    forget everything

in just a blink, for it    only takes a

special link, to      find someone you

truly like, who will     grow old with you

for the rest      of your life.


Love     can make your world spin

around, for it pulls you     away from

the crowd, in order     to focus on your king

who wears the     loyal crown, at times you

will smile and at times     you will frown,

but      sticking to love  will never

make you look     like a clod.


Open    your heart and try to love,

treasure the memories that    make you laugh,

Admire     your partner like a priceless craft,

write letters to him, even if    its a draft,

for he     will reply without leaving  the letter blank,

so     take a chance and find love.



Copyright © 2018,

All rights reserved.

Always open your heart to love an never toy with someone’s feelings. Just be mature when you enter or stay in a relationship.

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