NaPoWriMo 2018, #Day 4; Imperfect is Perfect.

Instead of following today’s prompt am gonna do write out of topic today. I really wanted to write this piece today. Here i go………..

Imperfect is Perfect

Some days we think we are worthless,

Never truly understanding our worth,

Blinding ourselves with wrath,

Which at the end is simply pointless,

Because we will focus less.

We might want to give up at times,

Forgetting why we started the journey,

Coz our now our vision is a bit blurry,

For we are filled with negativity,

Not allowing any light of positivism,

To reflect on our personality.

Take a deep breathe,

Look at yourself in the mirror,

Pat yourself on the back,

For coming this far without giving up,

Remember life is the greatest lesson,

We might not predict the next test,

But we can learn from our previous tests.

Don’t always try to be perfect,

For our imperfections make us authentic,

And talking to ourselves make us less lunatic,

At times been imperfect is perfect.

Copyright Β© 2018

Tracy Jane -All rights reserved.

I hope you liked it. I wrote this piece after i saw how many people are obsessed about being perfect. You can’t be always perfect; have that perfect job, that perfect house/car, that “perfect body”, or that “perfect family.” Love the situation you are in now, if the world denies your beauty, don’t stress on it, i love you the way you are.

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