NaPoWriMo 2018, #Day 17: Captivity of Negativity

Captivity of negativity

Negativity is a poisonous

Venom, that is vicious and

Easily spreads from one person

To another, without caring about its

Impact on the other.


Yes it’s very dangerous,

It will drain your positivism,

And leave you furious ,

At the end, you will be insane,

But only been free of it, will

Make you sane.


Why tortureΒ  yourself,

By imprisoning yourself,

Letting negativism drain your life,

You are the captain of your decisions,

Take a stand and SAY NO to this plague .


Copyright Β© 2018

Tracy Muso – All rights reserved.


As you go through life ,you will find people will Negative energy. Don’t let them spread it to you for it will seriously drain your life. You will lose a sense of direction in life. Stand firm and say no to negativity.

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