FOUR words that can ruin your life!!!

Most people love to seek approval from other people.. They feel good about themselves, when people approve of their choices. I think that some lack self confidence, where they don’t believe in what they can do, unless other people tell accept it.

For some this is like a drug, they are so addicted that they can’t live without it. They can’t move forward with their dreams, unless other people think it’s not crazy and they can achieve.

By now, I hope by now you have an idea of what this four words are… If not they are : WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY!!!!!!!!.. This words can refrain you from pursuing your dreams.

Don’t seek other for approval to go and achieve your goals. That’s why it’s YOUR goal and THEIR goal.. Note that difference and never forget about it. If people think that your goals are too crazy to achieve, well let them call you crazy for now. Trust me when you are successful, they will start asking you for tips and how you did it. Humans right… šŸ˜‚ funny creatures..

So go execute and follow your dreams. If anyone disapproves tell me it’s your goal, they can do theirs different then.. GO EXECUTE!!!!!.

13 thoughts on “FOUR words that can ruin your life!!!

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  3. You have a wonderful way using your talent to tell people to go for their goals and dreams regardless of what others think. You are 100 % right !! I really enjoyed this blog. Thank you Tracy !!

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