NaPoWriMo 2018, #Day 15; In Love With a Killer

In Love With A Killer

He is the best    man i have ever met,

his gaze    makes my heart melt,

this is the strongest     love i have ever felt,

i am his    queen and he is my king.


In just a day, all this     had changed,

he    had secrets and i uncovered them,

he was   ashamed and filled with disgrace,

But i    couldn’t forgive nor forget,

meeting him    was my biggest regret.


I    couldn’t believe it,

it was    like a bad dream or maybe a curse,

my Fabio     was a drug dealer,

and   also a hired assassin,

how    can an evil person,

be so loving     in person.


I    thought i knew him,

i guess    i was wrong,

can    someone be cruel and at the

same time, have     a heart to love,

i     will never understand this

but     all i know is that, i can’t

love a    killer, i have to find a

way    to escape from his world.


Copyright © 2018,

Tracy Muso – All rights reserved.

Can someone be evil but still love, can someone explain?

Ps; this is not my life experience, its today’s poetry prompt…

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