Start With The Why By Simon Sinek Book Review

Why are some small businesses growing to be billion dollar companies/, why are do organizations fail within the first five years? why are other leaders able to make a mark and are forever remembered? Why can companies make an impact by changing the world while others don’t??? All this questions can be answered with their WHY.

Golden circle
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Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs and the wright brothers will always remembered for the legacy they left. They realized their WHY and used it to change the world. This amazing people knew that inspiring people to act is better than manipulating people to act. Simon also explained in details the Golden circle concept and how its biological connected. The golden circle has HOW, WHAT and WHY. Where the WHY is controlled by the limbic brain. Since it’s the part that controls our feelings. The neocortex part of our rain is responsible for our rational thoughts and the language you use. This part is connected to the WHAT level.

The simplest thing to explain is the What which is the products or services you are offering as an organization. The How explains the method you are going to use to offer the what to others. The Why is the believe or faith that you have for doing your what. This are the 3 major key things that make Apple a success for some many years and also to the years to come. They have understood that people buy their WHY not their WHAT. If you follow this golden circle concept, i assure you that you will be successful in any field that you venture in. The more you win people’s hearts than winning their brains, the more they will believe in you and will come back to buy your What.

I love how Simon Sinek used humor to deeply explain the strength of the why. He used the clients as people you take out on dates to impress them and hoping they will love you. How you carry yourself or talk will determine if you will have a second date, in this case is whether your clients will come back to buy your what. This can be your customers or shareholders that you want to believe in you.

Never forget will you what others to believe in you purpose or organization, always start with the WHY. Explain to them why you have faith so much in what you do, that you can change the world with your idea. As Henry Ford said, ‘ If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.’ When you truly discover and follow your why only then will others follow you.

Simon Sinek wrote on of the key point that most people never discovered. This is the secret e wrote, ‘ for every Why-type, there is an inspired How- type or group of How- types who take the intangible cause and build the infrastructure that gives it life.” If you want your organizations to not only succeed but to change the world by living a great legacy, hire people that believe in your WHY not the WHAT you offer.

For me, this book has personally change my perception an the view of how i see and think. If you are a beginner in the entrepreneurship world or you are an already established one, please read this book. It will give you secrets that you can use as a weapon. i totally give it a 10/10, hands up…. Its a most read book if you want to build a business.

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start with why

4 thoughts on “Start With The Why By Simon Sinek Book Review

  1. Very nicely written blog , even I felt the same reading this book , this book is a mindset changer.The best part is the scientific interpretation of leadership and how it relates to our brain.
    I have been truly inspired by Simon , Travis Bradberry as well as Carmine Gallo on insights that they have provided on the working of the brain.Please find below one such blogs of mine..

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