This is why your relationship isn’t working.

Let’s start by being honest with ourselves. For a long time you, have been manipulated by songs, novels and movies to find that super perfect relationship. Movies like Cinderella, have created this fantasy of Prince Charming since you were young.

In really life, there is no magic or a godmother who gives you anything you want. There is no happily ever after, without making some sacrifices. If you want your relationship to work, it’s your job to put in effort and time to nature it.

There is this mistake that people always make. Thinking that your partner’s job is to make you happy or make you love yourself. If you still think this true, sit down with yourself and have that deep talk.

If you can’t love yourself, why make someone take that responsibility. If you can’t make yourself happy, why make that your partner’s job. If you running into a relationship to avoid loneliness, then a romantic relationship is not what you need. But a relationship with yourself is more important.

Always know what you want. Take a pen and a paper, write all the qualities you want and don’t like. Never, I repeat, never listen to questions like what do women want, or men want. No one is the same, only focus on what, you want. From there, even when you date, it will be easier for you.

The most important thing, learn to be apologetic. If you want your relationship to grow, keep your ego aside. If you know you are wrong, accept it and apologize. Be genuine when you do this. Don’t go asking for forgiveness when you know you will just repeat it, the next day. Be honest with yourself and your partner. If you aren’t mature enough to do this, then walk away, relationship ain’t for you.

Never compare your relationship with other couples. I have heard some people complain about how their partner ain’t rich enough, ain’t romantic, ain’t mature, ain’t … that person. First of all, there are two people in a relationship, not three. So stop involving others in your self-esteem issues, or your insecurities. Focus more on yourself and your partner and strength your bond together..

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