NaPoWriMo 2018 # Day 12; Nature’s Welcoming Band.

Nature’s Welcoming Band

As i walk down the dusty narrow road,

where trees sway from right to left,

well the leaves clap with excitement,

birds singing with their melodious voices,

hello! what are we singing today,

chiiip chiii chip chip chhhhiipp,

i join them and sing along,

this was my favorite part

nature’s welcoming band.


From a distance, i could hear

the ocean calling my name,

i closed my eyes as i listened

to the wave’s secret talks, feeling

its cool breeze touch my smooth skin,

what a breathe taking site.


I continued walking down

the beach, as my house was

not from where

i was, the houses are identical

built in the swahili culture,

for we loved been close

to our own traditional roots

and preserve the nature.

Its funny how i was writing this piece as i closed my eyes, recalling this images in my head. For i wanted them to come to live as i wrote them, hahah.


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