Emotions are for the weak. Part 1

Emotions are for the weak

I can’t trust you,
Am just been truthful,
For the years I have been hurtful,
I have learnt love is painful,
It makes everyone look awful.

I might think I love you,
But that’s my heart been weak,
From putting down my walls for a week,
Don’t look at me like am a freak,
Am trying to be as hard as a brick.

Don’t waste your time on me,
Thinking your love will set me free,
My walls are up and your
words are like the cold breeze,
Just move on and let me be.

Copyright © Tracy Muso, 2018.

The character on focus was a lady in her early 30s, who was tired of heart breaks. This led her to have trust issues with anyone who wanted to dated her. Her new mission was to look out for herself and put her interests first. She never wanted to compromise ever again……..

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