He burns through my skin.

He has the power

His touch awakens every nerve
In my body,
His eyes sees through my soul,
His smile burns
through my heart
His face is a work of art
Crafted uniquely by God ,
His is a master piece.

Every kiss drives me insane,
His passion ignites my soul,
Like a wild fire,
he burns through my skin,
I can’t control myself around him,
He awakens
the beast inside me,
If only he knew how much power
He had over me.
But I can’t tell him that,
This is my secret to keep.

Β©Tracy, 2018.

18 thoughts on “He burns through my skin.

  1. I found this poem to have such power behind the words. Welcome back here with such an amorous feelings being felt through loving touch.

    You are one incredible writer Tracy. Keep going it is your calling to grow your blog with awesome writings !!


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