Break Free From Your Own Prison.

One of professor in a university held a bottle half full and asked the students , how much they think it weighs. One of the student shouted, 600 grams and another 500 grams. The professor then asked if he held the bottle with one arm, for one minute what would happen,the class said, “nothing”. Then he asked, if held the bottle for, four hours what will happen. The students replied that his arm will start to hurt for holing the bottle for too long.

The professor then asked what would happen if e held the bottle for a whole day. Some of the students said his arm will be in extreme pain. The professor then told the students that during the whole process the weight of the bottle didn’t change, the time when he was holding the bottle is what changed. The lesson to his students was the bottle represents, our challenges, anxiety, depression and other worries we have and the longer we keep them, the longer they harm us.

At times people have betrayed our loyalty, they have caused us emotional torture but forgiving them is the only way we can free ourselves. Through forgiving we can gain internal peace, that’s why afterwardsΒ  we feel like some weight have been lifted off our shoulders. This process of letting go it’s not about them, it’s about us, It’s about not letting the things that are out ofΒ  our control, to control us.

If you don’t let go of you worries of uncertainty, you will be your own prisoner. This chains will hold you back in engaging lots of opportunities that would have led to your success in life. Break the chains and free yourself, this will cause you less harm to yourself, especially mental torture. BREAK FREE FROM YOUR OWN PRISON!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Break Free From Your Own Prison.

  1. Love this post….And so true..
    The greatest of obstacle we face are those placed by ourselves. No one has the power to limit us but often at times we place limits round about our lives. This all a boils down to our choices made. Thanks for sharing😊😊

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